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Yo La Tengo - There's A Riot Going On [Artist V-Z]

そしてそのことを客観的に対象化しつつも、自分の一部として認め受け入れ、進み続ける(GOING ON)ことまでをも内包する、深く優しい音楽であるのだ。
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Mogwai - Every Country's Sun [Artist M-O]

I was riding the subway to my office the other morning.
An old man was sitting in the priority seat and I happened to stand in front of him.
He was wearing a kaki jacket and a porkpie hat and had earphones in his ears.
He took out from his pocket a classic iPod, the one you don't see these days.
I'd being doing so until I decided to switch to iPhone quite recently.

He starting rolling the wheel with his trembling thick fingers.
It gradually took my attention and I watched him slowly raise his iPod closer to his face.
It seemed difficult for him reading the small fonts on the screen.
I also caught a glimpse of what he was looking at.

It read "Van Morrison."

I couldn't get the name of the song nor the album.
But gosh..

I was listening to Mogwai's new album Every Country's Sun.
I raised the volume of my iPhone a notch and took my eyes off to the window.

The music sounded ever so calm and blissful.
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